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  • Monthly meetings are held.  These meetings are your opportunity to hear the on-going business that the Society is involved in as well as participate in various decisions.  You have the right to speak and ask questions related to the business being reviewed by the Board of Directors.  In addition, monthly get-togethers will be offered with dinner for a small fee.

  • February, we hold the Annual Valentine’s Fund Raiser Dinner and Dance with food, music and good company.  This formal event may be held at a banquet hall or similar venue.

  • March, we celebrate St. Joseph’s Day with the traditional St. Joseph’s Table.  The members of the society prepare the festive religious vent.  A novena is said to St. Joseph nine days before March 19th, a mass and the Blessing of the Table takes place.  This event is opened to members, family, friends and guests.  A variety of delicious foods are prepared and donated by members, friends and businesses.  There is no entrance fee for this event.  However, donations are accepted.  25% of all proceeds collected are donated to St. Vincent De Paul Society and the remaining 75% is donated to a charity chosen by the Society Board of Directors.

  • April, we hold the Annual Society Picnic with free food for members and small fee for non-members.   Family and friends are welcomed to come and play games, raffles and enjoy the day.  The event is held a City Park District.

  • May we celebrate Mother’s Day with a dinner.  The ladies of the Society are honored.

  • June, we celebrate Father’s Day with a dinner.   The men of the Society are honored.

  • July and August – Get Togethers

  • September, we have our annual Feast in honor of our patron.   The feast starts with honoring our Blessed Mother with a eight-day “Ottava” before scheduled day of the Feast.  The Feast is a holy celebration.   A mass is offered to Maria SS. Lauretana followed by traditional procession and the “Volata” or “Flight of the Angels,” which is a traditional Sicilian prayer; typically recited by young children.   An altar is set up for members wishing to pay homage to the Blessed Mother.  You may also light a candle, bring flowers or donate.   

  • October – Get Togethers

  • November - Get Togethers and possible election of new Board Members if it is an election year.

  • December, we celebrate Christmas.   Celebratory events to be determined each year.

Yearly Events

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